Some Special Vegetable Side Dish Recipes

Here's some vegetarian and vegetable side dish recipes. Hopefully they will give you inspiration for some new and interesting ways with vegetables.

Carrot Salad

Crunchy carrots, pistachios and herbs in a tangy, mustardy dressing. This is a great side dish.

Squash Patties

squash pancakes

Delicious halloumi and butternut squash pancakes. These tasty little fritters are also super quick to make.


Buttery kale with creamy mashed potatoes, colcannon is a classic Irish dish. Comforting and truly delicious.

Parsnip Bake Recipe

parsnip recipe

Potatoes and parsnips are baked together in creamy mustardy layers. A simple, unusual and delicious parsnip side dish that's perfect for making ahead.

Perfect Brussel Sprout Recipes

If you think you are not a brussels sprouts fan, please let me tempt you! From classic to creamy sprouts or yummy roasted brussel sprouts. There's also my favourite - sautéed brussel sprouts with almonds.

Feta And Zucchini Fritters

zucchini fritters
These zucchini fritters are made with feta and a touch of mint and lemon. They are surprisingly easy and make a delightful light vegetarian main course or side dish.

Spicy Roasted Potatoes Recipe With A Spanish Twist

roasted potatoes

In this roasted potatoes recipe, smoked paprika and herbs are used to create a gorgeous Spanish-inspired side dish. One of my favourite vegetable side dish recipes.

Spinach Potato Cake Recipe

potato cake

Little spinach, parmesan and potato cakes, these patties are a good way to use up leftover mashed potato.

Stuffed Mushrooms With Feta, Pine Nuts, Rocket (Arugula) and Couscous

stuffed mushrooms This is really one of the tastiest stuffed mushroom recipes ever. It's also surprisingly simple to make.

Delicious Lemon Potatoes With Rosemary

lemon rosemary potatoes
Crisp and delicious, these lemon potatoes are made with fresh lemons, olive oil, rosemary and thyme. They are a great addition to any meal.

How To Bake A Potato

how to bake a potato

A few simple tips are all you need for a perfect oven baked potato every time. Here's how to bake a potato that's perfectly crisp on the outside but light and fluffy on the inside.


raita recipe

This delectable yoghurt dip is so versatile and easy but tastes amazing.

Pistachio & Watercress Pesto Recipe

raita recipe

A nutrient-packed peppery pesto with watercress and pisachios. Good for stirring onto spaghetti, dunking bread or vegetables or drizzling on baked potatoes.

Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce Recipe

Fresh chilis chopped with rice vinegar, soy and honey. This is a very easy recipe to make and is perfect for dunking crisp and steaming spring rolls.

Mango and Pepper Relish

A quick dip made with yellow pepper and mango chutney. Especially good dolloped on curries or scooped up with papadums.

A Few Hummus Recipes

If you are like me, you have a love/hate relationship with hummus. Love it but get tired of how bad some versions are. If you don't make your own, it is worth it. And if you feel like a change, there are some nice variations here like roasted red pepper, chilli, roasted almond, pumpkin seed

Classic Guacamole

Avocados, chillies, limes, this is the guacamole recipe I always use and it's pretty great...

Tomato And Zucchini With Pesto

This tasty tomato and zucchini dish makes a really pleasant and versatile side. You can even use it as a pasta sauce. Best of all, it's really quick and easy.

Mouthwatering Moroccan Couscous With Almonds

Moroccan couscous

A gorgeous Moroccan couscous made with fresh herbs, almonds and harissa. It's great with tagine, or cold as a salad.

Roasted Potatoes With Rosemary And Garlic

roast potatoes

Heavenly roast potatoes that are delightfully crisp and flavoursome. They make a perfect side dish for any meal.

A Lovely Carrot Recipe With Leeks And Dill

This carrot and leek mash is one of the most delightfully simple vegetable side dish recipes. Perfect for any meal.

Griddled Mediterranean Vegetables

A wonderful and healthy vegetable side dish. The griddle really preserves all the goodness of the vegetables.

A Light And Flavoursome Cornbread Recipe


This cornbread has a light, moist texture and a delicious, savoury flavour. It's also very quick and easy to make.

Rice Side Dish Recipes

Pineapple And Cashew Nut Fried Rice

pineapple fried rice

A recipe inspired by the fabulous rice dishes I ate on a trip to Borneo some years ago. This makes a simple, light main course or a rather special side.

An Exquisite Indian Rice Recipe

indian rice recipe

Fragrant spices, toasted almonds and basmati rice are combined in a stunning Indian rice recipe that will make any Indian meal a little bit more special.

Basic Mexican Rice


Perfect as a side dish or great as a simple, tasty and nutritious midweek supper. This kid-friendly rice dish is really quick and easy to make.

Some would have you believe that all vegetarian dishes are essentially side dishes. In non-vegetarian dishes, the meat is always the natural centrepiece of the meal. In vegetarian dishes, the attention is a little less focussed on one ingredient and many cooks try hard to replace that focus, replace the meat.

That's ok. It works. But from a cook's point of view, I think we might be missing out. Sure, most of the time I like my dishes to have a star but there's a lot of talent hidden in that chorus line of vegetables.

Sometimes, a special side dish can make a meal. More than that, a few carefully selected side dishes can be the meal. In many cultures, it's the norm. It's also a great idea for a vegetarian dinner party. Think Greek meze or Spanish tapas.

Some of the best food I have ever eaten was on honeymoon (cue wistful sigh!) in Sri Lanka. Here, the standard meal was a lot of rice and several small bowls (usually 3 or 4 but sometimes a dozen) of single vegetable curries.

There was usually one bowl of meat or fish curry on offer if you were so inclined but it was really all about the vegetables.

So, in my roundabout way, what I am saying - or asking - is that you don't think too literally of these dishes as "vegetable side dish recipes" even if that is how I have included them here. Many of these dishes can be served as mains.

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