Millet Recipes & Info

Millet is a term used to describe a number of grains within a species but generally the term is used to describe the hulled millet commonly found in health food stores.

Why Are We Not Cooking Millet?

Millet is plagued by a rather unfashionable image. Couscous is ubiquitous, quinoa is hip but millet, for many, is birdseed. Why the bad image?

The birdseed thing doesn't help and to compound the problem, millet has the problem of being associated with an unfashionable hippie, 60s and 70s style of vegetarian cooking. There's also the fact that many people complain that it is difficult to cook and that it has a tendency to go mushy...

Cooking Millet - Basic Recipe

BUT! Cooked well, millet is light and fluffy, a pleasant and nutty alternative to rice or other grains. Click the link above to learn how to cook it.

Millet Recipes

Millet is an ancient grain, mentioned as a food in the Bible and commonly eaten in Ancient Rome. It has its origins in Africa where it has been eaten for millennia and remains a staple. It is even used there to make millet beer. In India, millet is used to make delicious Bajra roti or flatbread. For vegetarians (and celiacs), it is a particularly nutritious grain, rich in protein and also gluten free.

Bean & Millet Veggie Burger

A lot veggie burger recipes rely heavily on wheat breadcrumbs and eggs to get the consistency right - bad news for vegans or gluten avoiders. This burger has black-eyed peas, millet and lots of spices. The millet works really well to bind the ingredients together in the patties and is a great addition in terms of nutrition, taste and texture.

Millet Pilaf

Always a fan of pilaf, this is a really handy way to turn a healthy grain into a complete meal. Millet works great in pilaf and absorbs the flavours of the dish perfectly.

Easy Millet Recipe - Savory Millet Patties

So easy to make, these yummy, savory little vegetarian patties are a wonderfully tasty way to cook millet.

Gluten Free Cookie Recipe With Millet Flakes

A healthy whole grain gluten free cookie recipe, it's always a pleasure to hit on a healthier recipe that tastes as good as this one.

Millet is available from health food stores. If you have trouble getting hold of it, you can also purchase EDEN Organic Millet online at a very good price.

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