Vegetarian Barbeque Ideas To Inspire... 

The term vegetarian barbeque, I've found, is enough to raise a skeptical eyebrow or two in some circles. True, most barbecues are typically meat-heavy affairs but it's actually very easy to create a really special vegetarian meal on the barbecue. Phew. Time to grab some seasonal vegetables, thread some kebabs, whizz up some dips, add some interesting salads, make some sausages and try a few homemade vegetarian burger recipes;-) There are many delicious and simple vegetarian dishes to make.

Um... Can I Start With A Few Vegetarian Barbeque Tips?

Think About A Dedicated Vegetarian Grill

I know many dedicated grill-enthusiasts who barbecue as often as I turn on my oven but, oftentimes, barbecues are large, communal affairs, involving vegetarians, non-vegetarians, special diets, kids, picky-eaters etc etc. So most of us endeavour to offer as many options as possible. All that trouble acknowledged - and I apologize for the fussiness - but do consider using a separate vegetarian grill.

If you are not vegetarian but are catering for both vegetarians and meat-eaters, a separate grill will be much appreciated by vegetarians. At the very least, try to allocate a separate section of the grill. Vegetarians generally do not like their food to be cooked next to, or touching, meat. A good option if you are having vegetarian guests is to use a portable or disposable grill. They are inexpensive and convenient. Using a separate tool set is also a good idea.

Don't Forget Dessert...

If you like to toast marshmallows on the grill (who doesn't?), don't forget that most marshmallows contain gelatine and are therefore not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Thankfully, you can buy vegan marshmallows in many whole food stores. Dandies are a recommended brand which are also available online.

(And if you want to know more about vegetarian sweets, what ingredients to watch out for and what products are best for vegetarians, take a look at this article about vegan candy.)


Obviously I don't serve meat at my barbeques but I know many people will be providing meat as well as vegetarian barbecue fare. If you are, burgers are always a good option because they will go with most of the trimmings you have for the meat e.g. sauces, relish, buns.

There are plenty of pretty good ready made burgers but if you have the time, it's nice to make your own. It's also cheaper and a lot healthier. All of these vegetarian burger recipes freeze excellently so you can make them in advance, ready to throw on the barbeque at the last minute.

Spiced Lentil Burgers

Delicious lentil burgers with brown rice, green lentils and spices. Good for a crowd because they can be made the day before or even weeks ahead and frozen.

Spicy Chickpea Burgers

One of my favourite vegetarian burgers. Chickpeas, harissa and cumin seeds are combined in a deliciously spiced alternative to commercial veggie burgers.

Sunflower Seed and Hazelnut Burgers

sunflower seed burger Delicious, unusual and perfect for the vegetarian barbecue.

A Delicious Vegetarian Burger Recipe With Black Eyed Peas & Millet

A personal favourite, these are so tasty and moreish. Packed with nutrients as well as flavour, this veggie burger recipe features black-eyed peas, millet and plenty of fragrant spices.

Quinoa & Red Lentil Burgers

Easy and tasty red lentil burgers with quinoa. These lentil burgers are simple, wholesome and very good. A deliciously healthy veggie burger recipe.

Tofu Burger Recipe. Quick And Tasty Tofu Burgers

Great for the vegetarian barbecue. This tofu burger recipe is incredibly easy but the results are fantastic. Even kids love them.

Vegetarian Sausage

Vegetarian sausages have all the advantages of burgers in terms of convenience. Take a look at my Glamorgan Sausage recipe, if you would like to make your own. These sausages are as versatile as meat but, unlike the commercial variety, they don't actually taste like meat which - for me - is the point. The homemade variety have their own unique and delicious flavour which I think makes them a lot more special.

Vegetarian Kebabs

Kebabs cooked on the barbeque are a good, fresh tasting alternative to burgers and sausages. The only problem is that they can be boring. Here are some ideas for turning them into something a bit more special for your vegetarian barbeque.

Yoghurt Spiced Vegetable Kebabs

In this dish, Summer vegetables are brushed with Indian spiced yoghurt to create delicious and healthy vegetarian kebabs. One of my favourite vegetarian barbeque recipes.

Halloumi Kebabs with Chilli and Lime

The chilli and lime in this halloumi recipe are really perfect with the cheese. A vegetarian barbeque dish that is bursting with summer flavours.

Malaysian Satay with Tofu and Pineapple

A vegetarian satay recipe full of the exotic spices of South East Asia. Perfect for the barbeque.

Other Main Dish Ideas

Griddled Mediterranean Vegetables

A colourful tumble of herby, lemony vegetables.

Grilled Halloumi with Couscous and Chickpea Salsa

grilled halloumi

This halloumi recipe is simple yet really impressive with chunky grilled vegetables and lemony chickpeas. It makes a great dish for a vegetarian barbeque.

Sauces, Relishes and Dips For The Barbeque

Homemade Barbeque Sauce

An easy peasy, cheats kind of classic barbeque sauce recipe. It's quick and versatile, good with veggie burgers and sausages.

Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce

This sweet chilli sauce recipe is only a little bit more trouble than opening a bottle and definitely worth the extra effort.

Mango and Pepper Relish

This recipe only takes 5 minutes to prepare but it's really delicious and versatile.


A simple version of the classic yoghurt dip, this is a very easy and versatile dip. I love it on baked potatoes or for dunking spicy tortilla chips.

A Few Hummus Recipes

Ok, I know hummus is a bit done but I think most of us still love it. Here's a great classic recipe along with some of the best and unusual hummus variations I've tried.

Classic Guacamole

Avocados, chillies, limes. .. This guacamole recipe is really easy and delicious and will always give you perfect results.

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