The Le Creuset Dutch Oven

If you are looking for a Le Creuset Dutch Oven, there's just one small problem. Technically, they don't exist!

However, Le Creuset - producers of arguably the finest enameled cast iron cookware in the world - do produce something called a French Oven which is really the same thing. We can only assume that Le Creuset's French nationality and French pride prevented them from using the term "Dutch Oven".

Cocotte? Casserole? French Oven? What's In A Name?

The term "French oven" is an odd one really. In the U.K. and Ireland, Le Creuset French Ovens are simply known as "Casseroles". In France they are "Cocottes" which roughly translates as the same thing. in the U.S. "Dutch Oven" is the more common term for this type of cooking pot so while Le Creuset obviously decided that "casserole" was the wrong term for the American market, they couldn't quite bring themselves to use the term that would make sense to most Americans - a Dutch Oven! I think we can forgive Le Creuset for this bit of confusion because the product itself is pretty damn impressive...

My Le Creuset Dutch Oven

This is the one I own and love and it gets a lot of use in our house. Here are some of the reasons why I like it so much.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Round French Oven, Flame

Food Tastes Better

Something slightly magical happens inside this pot. Somehow food just tastes better.

I love it for soup. Throw in some olive oil and some vegetables, sauté on a low heat for 10 or 15 minutes before adding your stock or water and somehow your soup tastes twice as good as it would from a regular pot.

The cooking is gentle and perfectly even; the real flavours of your ingredients are drawn effortlessly into the dish you are cooking. Casseroles and chilli take on a wonderful richness when cooked in a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Until I bought one, I really had no idea that the pot you cook in could have THAT much effect on the quality of the finished dish.

More Even Cooking

The slow, even cooking means that food is cooked to perfection. In my experience, food never sticks and it seems almost impossible to burn something. Whatever you want to cook, this Dutch Oven can accommodate it. It comes in a large variety of sizes from 2 quart right up to over 13 quarts. In metric terms, they range from 18cm to 34cm in diameter.

What Size Dutch Oven?

Of course this depends on your circumstances but I like the 5½ quart or 26 cm size a lot. I find it holds an average of 6 servings of a main dish like a casserole or chilli. That's a good size for me personally, cooking for a family of four - enough for everyone and some for the freezer! I also think that the round shape is more versatile and fits better on your stovetop but, again, this would depend on your particular cooking needs.

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Is Easy To Clean

The enamel coating on the cast iron prevents rust forming on the Dutch Oven and makes cleaning a breeze. Of course, it helps that food never seems to stick to it while cooking in the first place.

It's Beautiful!

The Le Creuset Dutch Oven (I mean French oven) is gorgeous to look at and is available in a range of beautiful colours. This is another advantage of choosing enameled cast iron cookware over traditional cast iron. My oven is the classic "Flame" pictured at the top of this page but there are many more fabulous colours in the range.

Here's a small sample of what is available.

Round French Oven in Cobalt

Round Cherry Red French Oven

Round French Oven, Dune

Oval French Oven in Dijon

Oval French Oven in Cassis

French Oven in Black Onyx

If you would like to see more, a huge range of Le Creuset Dutch Ovens, competitively priced, is available at

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