Wondering How To Sprout Beans?

It's easy and quick to do at home. Many people wonder how to sprout beans and assume it's a lot of trouble. In fact it couldn't be easier. However some seeds are difficult to sprout the old fashioned way so if you love sprouts, an automatic sprouter is a great buy for the sheer variety they offer. An automatic sprouter can also allow you to very easily grow your own wheatgrass.

Whatever way you do it, sprouting beans yourself means sprouts that are fresher, tastier, cheaper and full of nutrients compared to the expensive supermarket varieties. So if you want to know how to sprout beans, read on. Here are some simple steps to home sprouted beans.

You will need:

• A few tablespoons of dried beans, lentils or seeds. I usually use lentils (whole, not split), mung beans or chickpeas (garbanzo beans). These tend to be easier to sprout. You can also use alfalfa or sunflower seeds. Mung beans seem to be the easiest beans of all to sprout so you might want to start with those.

If you can, buy seeds or beans that are sold specifically as sproutable. There are some excellent sprouting mixes available which I think are well worth buying. They tend to be easy to sprout and can give you a wonderful variety of sprouts. Try the Broccoli and Friends Mix for a really nice blend of broccoli, alfalfa, radish and clover sprouts.

• A clean large glass bowl with a capacity of about 1 litre or 2 pints. Bigger is ok.

• Some cheesecloth, muslin or a light, clean tea-towel.

• An elastic band (this makes rinsing easier but it's not essential)

Get sprouting:

1. Put enough beans in the base of the bowl to cover the base. Cover with warm water and leave to soak overnight.

2. Drain the water, rinse and drain again.

Now cover the bowl with the cheesecloth or muslin and secure it with the elastic band.

3. Rinse the beans twice a day for 3-5 days. Don't bother removing the cloth when you do this. You can rinse and drain the beans through the cloth.

After 3-5 days you should have a bowl of delicious and crunchy bean sprouts. You need to use them within a day or two to keep the crunch and the vitamin content.


Now you know how to sprout beans, it's time to get eating. They are great in stir fries, sandwiches and salads. They are also packed full of protein, B vitamins and vitamin C so there's no excuse.


I really like the Easy Sprout Sprouter. Simple to use and inexpensive, this is a really easy and effective way to sprout beans. The sprouter uses heat from sprouting seeds to circulate fresh air. You can also use it to conveniently store your sprouted beans in the fridge.

Easy Sprout Sprouter


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