How To Make A Smoothie

Learning how to make a smoothie is easy. Get the basics right and you have the key to making hundreds of delicious and healthy combinations.

A smoothie has three basic parts.

You don't need to be too exact with these quantities. Just use them as a guide.

  • ¾ cup/175mls of liquid, usually juice - preferably from a juicer so it's really fresh - milk or water
  • ½ cup or 125mls of yogurt or tofu
  • 1½ to 2 cups (about 150-200g) of frozen fruit

Mix everything up together in a blender or smoothie machine and you are done.

Stuck for inspiration? Just want a recipe?

Check out my Top 3 delicious and easy smoothie recipes.

Top Tips For How To Make A Smoothie!

  • A Good Blender
    You DO need a good smoothie machine or blender that will cut through ice or frozen fruit. A food processor will do a great job too. It's just a lot messier to pour from.
  • Use Frozen Fruit.
    Either buy it frozen or freeze any fruit you have before it goes bad. Making a frozen fruit smoothie is not just convenient, it makes for a thick and creamy drink and elminates the need for ice.
  • Cut The Fruit Before You Freeze!
    Slice bananas before you freeze them. Your blender will have to work very hard if you don't! In fact, cut all of your fruit small if you can.
  • Use Portion Bags
    Freeze the fruit in individually sized portion bags i.e. put all of the fruit for 1 portion into a ziploc bag. You can even freeze the yogurt for the smoothie athough I personally just freeze the fruit and add the liquids later.
  • Use Really Ripe Fruit
    When using fresh fruit - or even freezing fresh fruit - use the ripest fruit you can find. Ripest is the sweetest so you cut down on the need for additional sweeteners. This is especially important if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Is It Sweet Enough?
    For a healthy smoothie recipe, use agave natural sweetener if your smoothie doesn't taste quite sweet enough. Honey is another good choice. Another tip is to use flavoured or vanilla yogurt instead of plain. Remember though, these yogurts are usually sweeter because they already have lots of sugar or sweeteners added so check the label.
  • How To Make A Smoothie That's Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    For an extra healthy smoothie recipe, add a couple of tablespoons of ground flaxseed or some omega 3 oil (like Udo choice) to your blender mix.
  • How To Make A Really High Fiber Smoothie
    Boost your fiber instake by adding powdered psyllium husk to your smoothie. Great for your cholesterol, it will also make your smoothie more filling. Perfect for a breakfast smoothie to keep you going till lunch. Do remember to blend the psyllium powder well and don't use more than about a half a teaspoon per cupful of smoothie.
  • Need To Lower Your Cholesterol Numbers
    Here's how to make a smoothie that's vegan and low in cholesterol. Simply use soy yogurt or silken tofu in place of traditional dairy yogurt. You can substitute the yogurt for silken tofu or soy yogurt in any yogurt based smoothie.

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