Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is my go-to salt. Why am I telling you this? Well mostly because a few of you asked me. But that made me realize how important it is to know what salt somebody is talking about when specifying an amount in a recipe. They do vary a lot in many ways, not least of all in their basic "saltiness".

A look at coarse vs fine pink salt. The salt is a golden, sandy colour with a pink undertone

Himalayan crystal salt may be fashionable and have a reputation for being expensive but I have come a long way since skeptically rolling my eyes when my hubby first landed a bag on the kitchen counter, enthusiastically insisting it was "purer" and "healthier". Now, it's my new best friend.

Honestly? My head starts to spin when I try to understand all of the salts available on the market now, especially when views range from "all salt is poison" to people who actively eat certain salts by the teaspoon i.e. Himalayan crystal salt, for its health benefits.

"Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea"

- Pythagoras

Himalayan pink salt is revered because it formed as a result of the evaporation of seas over millions of years at the base of the Himalayas. The salts which slowly crystallized, are believed to contain all 84 elements found within the human body and are free from environmental pollutants. As a cook, what I do know is that this salt has a pure, earthy flavour without a hint of bitterness. It simply makes food taste better - which is what salt is always supposed to do but doesn't always achieve.

So if you are following a recipe on this site and you see a specified amount of salt, assume I'm talking the Himalayan pink crystal variety but also assume you can substitute any high grade, unrefined sea salt. If anything you will find your substitution is less salty which is a good thing. Under-seasoned food can be easily tweaked. Not so easy to undo over-seasoning. I will always try to specify coarse or fine because the difference in volume is another factor which will affect saltiness.

Himalayan crystal salt is available from gourmet food shops, whole food shops and online.

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