Easy Dinner Recipes To Make Tonight

I've gathered lots of vegetarian dinner recipes here, including plenty of quick healthy dishes and family meals. Let me know if you have any ideas to add!

I have little time for gourmet meals or anything complicated these days so I've compiled some recipes for family meals, freezer-friendly dishes and simple suppers.

When planning a veggie meal, I like to think of the principle vegetarian protein sources as the 'meat' or the focus of my dish and to plan meals around these as far as possible. I've set out some of my favourite recipes below under the headings of Nuts, Cheese, Beans, Tofu and Lentils.

Vegan recipes are marked with a V.   

Easy Dinner Recipes With Cheese

Twice Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes stuffed with spinach, ricotta and parmesan.


Tasty frittata cooked with sweet potato, feta cheese and red onion.

Millet Cakes

So easy and quick to make, these yummy, savory little vegetarian patties are a wonderfully tasty way to cook millet.

Easy Summer Cheese Pie Recipe

This wonderful Mediterranean style tart is really deceptive. It looks and tastes so special, you'll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to prepare for dinner.

Easy Cannelloni Recipe With Spinach And Ricotta

cannelloni recipe

This vegetarian cannelloni recipe is deliciously light and almost effortless to make. One of my star easy dinner recipes.

My Favourite Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

This gorgeous vegetable lasagna recipe is full of warm, intense Mediterranean flavours. It's easy enough to make for dinner any night of the week but impressive enough for guests too.

Spanish Olive and Potato Bake

This potato bake combines olives, smoked paprika and cheese to create a mouth-watering summery dish. One of my favourite easy dinner recipes.

Grilled Halloumi with Couscous and Chickpea Salsa

Grilled halloumi with vegetables, spicy couscous and chickpea salsa. Simple but special. It also makes a great dish for a vegetarian barbeque.

Pasta With Vodka Sauce

This pasta with vodka sauce is so good but practically effortless. It makes a lovely easy dish for friends and you can put it together in a matter of minutes.

Bulgur Pilaf With Feta And Spinach

bulgur recipe

The combination of sweet, salty and spice are wonderful in this bulgur recipe. The pilaf makes a wonderfully unusual but very easy vegetarian dinner.

Feta And Zucchini Fritters

These zucchini fritters are made with feta and a touch of mint and lemon. They are surprisingly easy and make a delightful light vegetarian main course or side dish.

Pasta Con Broccoli

Seasonal purple sprouting broccoli is tossed with pasta, jalapeños, capers and garlic in this pungent dish. This can also be made with regular broccoli.

Easy Dinner Recipes With Beans

A Delicious And Quick Mexican Lasagne

Spicy beans and vegetables layered with soft tortillas, cheese and sour cream, then baked in a casserole.


Jamdown Bean Casserole: A Delicious Vegetarian Casserole Recipe

This casserole features seasonal vegetables and black-eyed peas cooked together in a deliciously rich Jamaican sauce of tomatoes, coconut, thyme and a hint of chilli. A delicious easy vegetarian dinner.

Spinach and Chickpea Bake

spinach and chickpea bake

This unusual bake combines chickpeas, spinach, yoghurt and tomatoes to create a deliciously healthy family meal.

Quick And Easy Black Eyed Peas Recipe

A tasty and different dish with black eyed peas. The beans are cooked with spinach, chilli and mint for a healthy and delicious meal.


Three Bean Chilli

A yummy, tangy, tomatoey, beany vegetarian chilli! It's made with three types of beans which gives the dish lots of great texture. A great healthy meal idea.

Basic Mexican Rice

Perfect as a side dish or great as a simple, tasty and nutritious midweek supper. This kid-friendly rice dish is really quick and easy to make for dinner.


A Vegetable Tagine Full Of Intense Flavours

This is a wonderfully sweet and aromatic Moroccan stew with warm exotic spices and seasonal vegetables. One of my favourite easy dinner recipes.

Spinach And Chickpea Curry


Mildly spiced and slightly sweet, this is a wonderfully fragrant Southern Indian style curry with spinach, coconut, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. One of the best easy vegetarian meals.

Spicy Chickpea Burgers

One of my favourite vegetarian burgers. Chickpeas, harissa and cumin seeds are combined in a deliciously spiced alternative to commercial veggie burgers. I like to make a big batch and freeze them for a healthy fast dinner option during the week.

Vegetarian Burger Recipe With Black Eyed Peas And Millet

These are so tasty and moreish. Packed with nutrients as well as flavour, this veggie burger recipe features black-eyed peas, millet and plenty of fragrant spices.

Easy Dinner Recipes With Tofu

Teriyaki Tofu

A simple and impressive vegetarian main course, this teriyaki tofu is packed full of flavour and takes very little time to prepare.

Smoked Tofu, Spinach and Tomato Tart

This tofu quiche is both unusual and delicious. It's also really quick and simple vegetarian dinner to rustle up.

Vegetarian Pad Thai

Vegetarian Pad Thai is a common feature on the streets of Bangkok. Here's a delicious and quick version to make at home.

Sesame Tofu Marinade

This marinated tofu is really one of the best tofu recipes. The intense sesame flavours of the sauce are a great match for the tofu.

Malaysian Satay

A vegetarian satay recipe full of the exotic spices of South East Asia.

Tofu Burger Recipe

This tofu burger recipe is incredibly easy but the results are fantastic. Even kids love them. Again, I like to make a batch and freeze them for a quick and healthy dinner when you are in a hurry.

Sweet And Sour Tofu, Yummy Fried Tofu Recipe

Crispy tofu in a sweet and sticky sauce, this sweet and sour tofu is one of the nicest and easiest ways to cook tofu.

Easy Dinner Recipes With Lentils

Easy Curried Lentils

A quick and tasty. Lentils cooked with tomatoes, coconut milk and spices, this makes a good mid-week meal.

Savory Lentils & Rice With Salsa

Tasty and pretty much effortless. This is a perfect, healthy and filling mid-week dinner.

Red Lentil Curry

A classic healthy vegetarian meal. This red lentil dal is really one of the best easy dinner recipes there is. Delicious and satisfying, it's also extremely nutritious and cheap to make.

Lentil Burgers

Easy and tasty red lentil burgers with quinoa. These lentil burgers are simple, wholesome and very good. A deliciously healthy veggie burger recipe.

Red Lentil Loaf

This is especially nice to serve if you feel like a roast dinner with all the trimmings. It's a simple, nutritious and very satisfying vegetarian main course.

My Vegetarian Moussaka

Aubergines, lentils and aromatic middle eastern spices are combined to create a deliciously hearty and healthy family meal.

Leek, Lentil and Parmesan Bake

A simple but delicious lentil pie. This makes an excellent family meal and it freezes well too.

A Quick And Yummy Lentil Pasta Recipe

Tasty, nutritious, cheap and really simple to make. There's always a batch of this sauce in my freezer.

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

This shepherds pie is made with green lentils. It's a hearty and satisfying vegetarian main course dish which both children and adults seem to love. A long standing favourite amongst my easy dinner recipes.

Spiced Lentil Burgers

These delicious lentil burgers are moist and gently spiced. They also freeze perfectly.

Easy Dinner Recipes With Nuts

Healthy Spinach Pie Recipe

Fresh spinach and creamy feta on a wonderful crust made of almonds and sunflower seeds. This is easy to make, packed with protein and really yummy.


Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew

This vegetarian stew is a yummy and healthy dinner. It is really simple and yet the end result is a deliciously rich and exotic dish that fills your kitchen with a wonderful aroma.

Cashew and Vegetable Curry Recipe

A light vegetable korma recipe with no cream. It uses a cashew, coconut and tomato spice paste to create a unique dish that’s full of flavour.


Pumpkin Curry

A wonderfully rich and spicy curry with pumpkin and cashew nuts. When pumpkins are out of season, this is also great made with potato or sweet potato.

Pineapple And Cashew Nut Fried Rice

A super quick recipe inspired by the fabulous rice dishes I ate on a trip to Borneo some years ago. This makes a simple, light vegetarian main course or a pretty special side.

Stuffed Mushrooms With Feta, Pine Nuts, Rocket (Arugula) and Couscous

This is really one of the tastiest stuffed mushroom recipes ever. A lovely light and easy dinner, it's surprisingly simple to make.

Sunflower Seed Burgers

Delicious, unusual and perfect for the vegetarian bbq. Serve them with all the usual trimmings. Make a batch and freeze for healthy fast food anytime.

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