How This Site Came About...

My Situation

Not long after our first daughter was born, the company I worked for shut down. To be honest, I had mixed feelings about being made redundant from my job.  It was scary to suddenly have lost my income.  But my job was just a job - a pretty well paid, 9 to 5 that paid the bills but gave me little more.  I was secretly thrilled to be able to spend more time with my little girl and that surprised me. I had never expected to want to stay at home and look after a baby but there it was.  And I loved it. 

The Problem

Unfortunately two things were missing.  The first, naturally enough, was money.  The second was an outlet for me to do something that was for me, that engaged my brain and my passions.   Food, my real passion, seemed like a non-runner. I had already taken a step back from the cookery classes and farmers’ markets my husband and I worked on together because, for me, the hours just weren't compatible with looking after a small child.

What To Do?

So I spent a long time looking around for some way that I could forge a career that allowed me to work from home.  I spent months scouring the net before realising, to my dismay, that I was a clich√© and that most moms fantasise about the same thing at some time or another.  Unfortunately the world, and more specifically the internet, was full of scams and ridiculous get-rich-quick schemes, ready to take advantage.

The Solution

Eventually (and for some reason it took a long time!) I stumbled upon SBI. I don’t even remember now how I found it but it was my turning point.  SBI stands for Site Build It and is basically a very successful program which allows you to turn a hobby or passion into a website and a business. It was a revelation to me that pretty much any passion can be turned into a profitable business online.  I didn’t need to have any technical knowledge, html etc.  Site Build It provided all of the tools and help I needed (and still need) from start to finish.  Suddenly I was building a business, writing about what I love.  There was no stopping me!

Me... Now...

Now I just feel lucky.  I have two beautiful little daughters who I look after full time as well as a flexible business that I love.  It’s hard work but I’m enjoying every minute of their childhood and every minute I spend on my website too.  Right now, that time is limited but my business is growing and so is my income.  For me, It’s amazing to be freed from the drudge of the office and the boss (ok I have two little bosses but you know what I mean). I’m finally doing something that I love, doing as many hours as I can or want and never missing a moment with my girls.   

Want To Know More?

If you've ever dreamed about quitting the day job, being your own boss and working from home, take a look at the SBI Work From Home page to learn more.  If you are a mom and you would like to hear from some other Work At Home Moms, just click on the WAHM graphic. You might just be inspired...

Site Build It!


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